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ATTENTION!  04/21/2022

Woohoo!  The power is back on!

Great job all you NYSEG workers!

We are back in business.  Call or stop in for a great pair of new eyeglasses or sunglasses!

what's new?

Do you have AARP? 

If you signed up for their vision discount program through Eyemed, you can come here to get your glasses!  Just bring in a current prescription and we will help you pick out a new pair of glasses!  Easy peasy.

what Else is new?

Fauna Frames!

More info on the way as I get it, but these are bluetooth enabled eyeglass/sunglass frames.

Below are two of the styles and there are a few more that I'll post if I think we are going to carry these.

Stay tuned for more info!


what's not new?

We still only have a doctor one day a month.  Sometimes twice a month.  Always on a Saturday and sometimes he will stop by on a Wednesday from 4:30 - 5:30.

Our prices haven't gone up.  Progressive lenses still start at $250.  Lens extra's such as Transitions, AR Coatings, and polarized lenses are still at $90.  


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Fashiontabulous 10x248

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